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Why CutQuote

Why? Because you can win more clients with CutQuote!

Win clients with CutQuote.


CutQuote happy customerCompetition in the contract cutting industry is fierce. Everyone is chasing the same customer pool and tries to stand out with a better offer. CutQuote may give you the edge on your competition by offering a convenient platform to your customers to instantly create quotes for profile cutting CAD files, followed by the capacity of ordering online once the quote is emailed to them.

Customers need to get a sense of ownership over their parts and orders. CutQuote is the vehicle that can deliver that underlying need to empower your clients to trust that your quoting methods are accurate, fast and predictable. Nothing contributes more to customer retention that the fact that your quotes are predictable and offer “no surprises”. The pricing yo-yo effect is known to shatter confidence and drive customers to obtain multiple quotes from multiple vendors at all times.

If your customers get similar services from other vendors they will naturally have an expectation to receive a similar experience when dealing with your company. So, if you are new to CutQuote and want to benefit your business and please your clients while not risking anything in the process , then welcome to our growing family if happy vendors and happy customers.

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