Quote Cost Comparison Matrix

Compare the cost advantage that CutQuote offers. Feel free to fill in the data with numbers relevant to your own business.

In today’s fast moving marketplace where speed is of the essence the first reasonably priced quote often wins the order. CutQuote is here to help make sure you win that order!


designed for quotes


Rectangle based estimation

subject to individual input


Internal nesting software

high level of training costs

overkill for quotes

Staff Involved 0-1 1 1-2
Software Required CutQuote AutoCad or similar
Excel or similar
Word or similar
AutoCad or similar
Excel or similar
Word or similar
Setup Costs $0 $1000-3000 $7000-$30000
Automatic Files Cleaning Partial or none
True Shape nesting
Customer SelfQuoting
Control over profit margins Partial
subject to estimator input
Secondary processes
Staff Costs $50000 $50000 $65000
Quoting hours/year 1680 1680 1680
Line items per hour 20 8 6
Total Line items 33600 13440 10080
 Cost per line item $1.85 $3.72 $6.45


Quote Example – 8 parts (from complex CAD files), 35 off each, 1 secondary folding operation per part.

Manual method
Nesting Software
Quote Turnaround Time 24 minutes 60 minutes 80 minutes
Quote Preparation Cost $12.40 $30 $52
Estimated Material Required 5.21 Sheets About 6.5 Sheets 5.15 Sheets
Estimated Cut Time 1h 12m About 45 minutes 1h 14m 35s
Quote Price $1512 $1200-$2100 $1475
Target Net Profit 25% 25% 25%
Net Profit in Quote 25% Unknown 17%
 Orders Won >70% <45% 50-55%

CutQuote allows your sales team to put together consistent, accurate and profitable quotations in the blink of an eye.

Not only can you use customer files for quoting without cleaning up and fixing in your CAD or production tools but you can also quote for secondary and subcontract operations in seconds. All of this while CutQuote automatically ensures that your profit targets are hit in every quote produced.

Then imagine the increase in your daily sales if your best customers could execute their own quotes online 24/7 using their own CAD drawings and all throughout your profitability was guaranteed!

Imagine no more! CutQuote also enables you to invite clients to self-generate quotes and place orders with you. These quotes are generated using the same costing parameters and profit margin targets as those you generate “in-house” giving you a sales office that stays open 24 hours a day. The matrix above does not account at all for the “bonus” factor that customer generated quotes brings.

Win orders the quick and easy way and let CutQuote take the strain in your daily quoting activities!

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