CutQuote Features & Pricing

Starting from $99/month. FREE customer quotes charged only on order.



For casual use/testing purposes

200 parts/month nested
$1/part excess fee
100Mb Storage
Email Support
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Standard usage

1000 parts/month nested
$0.3/part excess free
500MB Storage
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Large providers

Unlimited parts
Not applicable
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CutQuote for Vendors

  • CRM

    Customer Control Center

    A comprehensive interface organises your records.
    The screens are intuitive and laid out with a fabricators mindset.

    From within the same screen the entire customer history is available. At a glance you can see their Quotes, Alerts, Emails and their respective statuses.

  • Suppliers

    Supplier Control Center

    Naturally dealing with quoting of cutting services requires interaction with suppliers and their products.

    CutQuote provides the interface and functionality to controlling the activity and interaction with your suppliers and subcontractors. Enter price lists, bulk update of raw material data based on tonne rates plus full communication channels via integrated email.

  • Quotes

    Complex Quoting Module

    At the center of our service you will find the quoting module. As a vendor and user of CutQuote you will not be limited to cutting only quotes.

    CutQuote provides the means to include complex secondary operations like bending and welding as well as subcontracted services like painting or powder coating. In fact you can define just about any element you need to suit your business.

    The profile cutting calculations are fully customisable and will fit the most critical requirements. We provide a complex and accurate solution in a simple and elegant package.

  • Free Secondary Operations

    Fabrication Operations

    CutQuote enables your metal fabrication business to quote as many secondary operations as you need. Use our built in pressing calculator and generate accurate costing for folding in seconds.

    Does your business practice subcontracted operations? No problem, CutQuote has a subcontractor module, freely included for your convenience. Or if you regularly re-sell raw materials or finished products simply use the BOM module and build your cost as easily as adding a line to a spreadsheet.

  • Preferences

    Quote your way

    The System Settings section puts you in the driver’s seat.

    Simply adjust and select the options and variations that apply to your business and your way of quoting. Each customer can have their own profit margin predefined. Each machine and cutting process has its own break even cost together with a multitude of other options.

  • CAD Importer

    Online CAD Importer

    CutQuote provides a native CAD solution in the browser. Start using our full featured CAD importer and you will wonder how you were running your business before you came across it.

    With a couple of clicks, you can import all your CAD data in both DXF and DWG format. These files can be as complex as you would receive in real life with title blocks, multiple layers, dimensions, isometric views etc. Do you at times need to use files that contain multiple cutting patterns? No problem with CutQuote they will be automatically extracted and named from a single CAD file.

    Remember the hours spent by your estimators closing open loops and deleting orphan or duplicated entities, again with CutQuote it all happens automatically behind the scenes. Try it today and be amazed!

  • Video-Vendor Quote

    Video-Vendor Quote

CutQuote for Customers

  • Quotes

    Free Customer Quotes

    All parts quoted directly by your customer are free to be estimated.

    Your customer generates their own quotes from CAD files on your own web portal 24/7 and you will only pay for parts which end up being ordered by your customer via the portal. No win – No charge.

  • Flexible

    Quotes in Progress

    A customer can initiate a quote which he/she can reference with a unique name.

    This quote does not need to be completed in the same session, the customer can return at any time to edit and submit the request for nesting and quoting. This is feature is extremely useful for large requests.

  • Duplicate

    Handy Shortcuts

    A customer can duplicate a part data if they wish to have it costed in a different material type or with different quantities.

    This feature answers a common request among users of contract profile cutting.

  • Search

    Find quotes

    Customers can search for their own quotes, both in progress and completed. The interface provides a very intuitive method to do so and allows for easy finding of data but also for complex filters if required.

  • Order

    Quote acceptance

    CutQuote would not be complete without allowing your customers the convenience of ordering their quotes via the same easy to use system.

    Completing the order process is as simple as selecting one or more quotes, picking the line items and clicking submit. As a vendor you will be notified both via the dashboard from CutQuote and via email.

    Accepting the quote will notify the customer via email of your acceptance and send them a confirmation email with the parts list to be manufactured.

  • Flexible Nesting

    Flexible nesting options

    When you set up your nesting criteria CutQuote gives plenty of freedom in controlling the outcome of how the nests are generated and the criteria used in the calculations.

    From defining the cutting processes (that’s right you can define as many profile cutting processes as you need) to picking multiple material sizes and supplier products. What that means really is the fact that we will nest a request in all the sizes that you have defined for a material type and report the quote with the size that returns the best efficiency and material usage.

    Our entire system is cloud based so you and your customers do not require anything other than a web browser to access and use the system. The process is simple and straight forward with very little to no training required. For the un-initiated we provide step-by-step walkthroughs and accessible video tutorials built right into the application interface.

  • Video-Customer Quote

    Video-Customer Quote

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