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Fill in as little as three fields

All we need to be able to provide a fully functional experience is  your name, email and company name.

Submit the trial request

Followed by checking the inbox for the email used to confirm its validity. Next we will generate your business space in the cloud.

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That is it. You are ready to log in

Once your login credentials are emailed to you simply follow the instructions to access your own CutQuote.


Email confirmation

This message is sent to the email addressed used in signup. Simply confirm your details and we will continue with the signup process.

Credentials Confirmation

Lastly, once the account was created this last email message will provide you the login credentials and the web address your business space for CutQuote will use.


2 Set Up

Define your preferences and calculations criteria.

System Settings

General system wide settings required to define your own environment . Tax rates, measurement system and email settings.

CutQuote Setup Screen

CutQuote System Details

Company Details

This info is used to define your own company details and is used to populate the quotes created in CutQuote with the header and fotter information.

Nesting Parameters

Full flexibility is on offer when it comes to the nesting alghoritms and the criteria that drives the nesting results..


3 Customer Quotes

Your customers generate their own quotes

It’s easy to use

Simply invite them to log and they can instantly start creating quotes.

Upload DXF or DWG

Nothing can be easier then uploading their CAD files.

CutQuote CAD Importer

Pick materials and quantities

Use our intuitive interface to select the materials to be used and the respective quantities.

Duplicate parts for variations

Simply duplicate a file if a variation is necessary, for instance different material or quantity are required for the same DXF.


Order line items

Once received the quotes can be ordered from the same interface. The request is sent to you as the vendor for approval.

Complete History

Customers can search and view all quotes created and order at any time .


Advanced CAD importer

With the automation built into our 100% web based CAD importer your customers can import, extract and repair their CAD files including closing open loops.

4 Vendor Quotes

All you quoting needs in one place

Putting things into perspective

Stain informed with your own Dashboard. Create , edit , accept and communicate within a single platform.

Quick Facts

Snapshot graph data for your activity . See who does what, when and how much.


Alerts and Tasks

With CutQuote you can not only create and manage quotes. Full CRM functionality is on offer including tasks and alerts.



Customer control center. All customer activity accesible from one central point. Define multiple delivery addresses, send emails and letters, create a customer note or raise a reminder.

Complex Quotes

As a vendor you can define complex quotes that include not only cutting processes but unlimited other secondary operations together with standard BOM’s and subcontracted costs.



Supplier control center. Interact and control all supplier activity. Simpler interface for creating a price list for both raw materials and finished products.

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