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Why CutQuote

Why? Because we offer a virtually free quoting software!

No Risk Solution with free quoting software.

free quoting softwareCutQuote’s model offers in principle a free quoting software solution. From customer quotes delivered to their inbox to complex fabrication quotes on the vendor end, these are all on offer absolutely free of charge. Investigate for yourself and take a test drive today and witness the quoting tool that you’ve been waiting for all this time and never new it exists. The interface is completely browser based and that even applies to CAD importing and manipulation. Yes you can extract cutting patterns from your own DXF and DWG file right in the browser. And No your CAD file do not need to be “prepared” simply point and click to extract what you need.

We have been saying this all throughout our website and we want to make this message clear. You do not have any risk or exposure to a contract when using CutQuote. The policy is simple:

1. All Customer Quotes are Free to create

2. We only count line items from customers once ordered

3. Fix monthly costs as per your plan selection. Small excess fees or simply upgrade anytime.

Please visit our knowledgebase to learn more or view the video on How CutQuote works to see it in action. Signing up for your own CutQuote is easy and takes just 2 minutes of your time.


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