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Materials that will teach you the art of all that is CutQuote.

Why should I set up more sizes for materials?

With CutQuote the nesting engine will nest quote requests in as many material sizes as made available in your nesting preferences for each listed material type. Why this is important? Well as you know one single plate size might not always suit the best nest yield for the cutting patterns, so therefore using multiple plate sizes with allow our nesting engine to perform a nest for each material size defined and pick automatically the one that reports the best material utilisation. This way you ensure that for given odd shapes you will not out-quote yourself because the nest used a single size plate and the results were less then desirable.

We recommend for best results that you define two commonly available plate sizes for each material with one being the largest size your cutting machine can a accept and another one perhaps the next size down in the size standards for your country. These options are easily entered via the “Nesting Preferences” tab in System Setting.


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