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Materials that will teach you the art of all that is CutQuote.

Quoting online creates opportunities.

There is no doubt that the online world is the future for successful businesses. Profile cutting and metal fabrication is not different and your customers are more demanding and required instant gratification and access to information. Customers will be attracted to the convenience and power that an elegant quoting system like CutQuote offers, but to maximise your potential you as the service provider need to invest time and effort into advertising to your customers that such a system exist and explain the benefits.

This can be easily achieved by simply adding a note related to this into your monthly account statement sent to your customer base, and also perhaps instructing your sales team to make it part of their sales pitch. You will soon realise the benefits are significant and your customer will take charge and ownership over the service.

Win business 24/7 !

An automatic quoting service that is free to set up …what are you waiting for?

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